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Netscape slips this beauty into its "news" tidbits:

There are many women who will not like this one bit. New research from Britain's Institute for Social and Economic Research has shown that married men make more money than their bachelor friends as long as their wives stay home and do the housework, reports Reuters.

Um.... duh. The only women who will be upset by this news must have had their heads in their asses. Could we get the corresponding study, please? That married women make more money than their maiden friends as long as their husbands stay home and do the housework? What am I, an idiot? Oh no! If only I stayed home, my sweet husband would be making more money! Of course, I would be making, let's see now, carry the one... nothing, so maybe it balances out.

Next "news" item: We have become a nation divided. There is an ever-growing class of people who pay no taxes and a shrinking class of people who do. The people in the class of "non-payers"? People who don't make enough money to owe taxes. So this is a story about... rising un- and under-employment, right? No. Somehow they've managed to make it about "people who don't pay taxes!" Weird.

Okay, so I'm crabby. So sue me. My downloads are being ridiculously slow recently, which puts me in a bad mood. Plus, last night I watched that Law & Order where the war protester gets killed and the entire episode is spent either blaming or slagging the victim and protesters in general, and that pisses me off.


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