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Red Dwarf? Quite a funny show. Red Dwarf actors' commentary on the DVD? Pure. Comedy. Gold. Particularly listening to the whole cast singing the theme song, quite badly, and clearly without really knowing the words. It's nice getting some of the jokes I've been hearing running around in scifi fandom. Also, I've run across the one episode I'd seen before, where Holly gets an IQ of 12,000 and, not coincidentally, quite a sexy hairdo.

Yes, I'm done with classes for a couple weeks.
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Ah, I see. This Dr. Who thing really is quite delightful*. And Eccleston is much more attractive in motion than in still photos. Lovely. Also, [livejournal.com profile] dxmachina is very helpful and a wonderful human being.

Oh, no. Netscape's main page did not just try to tempt me with an article entitled "How to Win an Argument with a Woman." Nuh-uh.

On further inspection, it seems to be more "how to conduct yourself in an argument with a woman with whom you're in a relationship, particularly if you're what is known as a 'typical' man and she's what is known as a 'typical' woman, however reductionist these categories may be, because honestly there are some commonalities we've observed in couples' arguments." Which I'm pretty okay with.

But "How to Win an Argument with a Woman"? I'm sorry, did I reset my home page to 'the Man Show'?

* And it's not because I'm a sucker for English accents. Well. Not entirely, anyway. I spent an entire weekend watching Red Dwarf and Wire in the Blood. You'd think it would wear off eventually and become un-exotic. But no, strangely enough.


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