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So yeah, they changed some stuff and left out other stuff, and on the whole it didn't bug me. I did think it was strange for them to have left Rita Skeeter's animagus talent out! And I'd have liked some more Snape and some Sirius that wasn't bizarre and creepy coal-Sirius (I had all kinds of problems with that execution of fire-talking, as I have no idea how they're going to keep it up for the later books), but overall, okay. I still find it impossible to guess what Barty Jr. thought he was doing, as (just as in the book) faux-MadEye was actually really helpful and, in his own creepy and abrasive way, friendly to Harry in a way Harry needed. Why he didn't just kidnap him, I have no idea. Anyway, this is all beside the point, which is this:

When Rita Skeeter culls Harry from the champion group for a private interview, Harry points out that she's taking him into a broom closet, and she says, "Then you should feel right at home." Hello, what? Does everyone know that the Boy who Lived grew up in a closet? I've seen various and sundry opinions on whether anyone in the Order knew and what they should have done about it, but I've never before seen any indication that the wizarding world as a whole knows about it! I suppose it's possible that they could have learned about the closet-living without any of the other details of where or with whom Harry lived (and thereby seriously compromising the security of the House of Dursley), but aside from all that, they let Dumbledore keep sending him back there? It just seems preposterous that they would know, but what other interpretation can be drawn from that comment? I suppose she could be saying something about the size of dormitory rooms, but... no, that doesn't even make sense. So what the hell?


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